Hi, My name is Ms. Price. Join me as I go to Churchill Canada to study Climate change.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Field Science in the Four Corners

It's been a busy time since I've returned from Churchill. Last week I went into 6 different classrooms and gave presentations ranging from Polar bear math to comparing soil samples from the Arctic and New Mexico. Today I took 5 teachers and about 120 8th grade students from Mesa Alta Junior High out to Hart Canyon where 3 BLM scientists worked with us as students had their own mini "field science" experience. Even in our small area we had a large diversity in plants, animals and soils. We found a pack rat nest, antlers, and various other "treasures" of the land. Now we will go back to the lab and conduct pH and conductivity tests on our soil samples and compare those with what we found in Churchill. Thank you Dale Wirth, John Hansen, and Barbara Whitmore from the Farmington BLM office for their expertise and help with answering all kinds of questions!

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