Hi, My name is Ms. Price. Join me as I go to Churchill Canada to study Climate change.

Monday, August 31, 2009

And the Question Is ?

Here are some math answers. Create some relevant questions about Canada, Churchill, and my trip that makes sense with these answers.

1. About 923 people
2. It's the 3rd
3. 0 roads
4. $1106.70
5. The year was 1619
6. 29 meters
7. About 270 species
8. About 5 minutes
9. 58.8° N
10. about 5°C

Challenge - Create some of your own "answers" and exchange with others to write the questions.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Where in the World?

> Start by comparing the USA and Canadian maps.
1) How are they the same?
2) How do they differ?
Create a list of your findings to share with others.

Now do the same thing with the map of New Mexico and Manitoba.

4) Finally pair up with a partner and come up with your Top 5 "Similarities and Differences" to share with your classmates.

Note: You can find a map of any other state at:


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pre-Trip Questions

Here are some questions and ideas to think about during this unit.

Where is Churchill compared to your lattitude and longitude?
What is the time difference compared to where you are?
How far away is Churchill from your location?
What is the difference in weather from where you are and Churchill?
Make of list of your predictions on what I will be seeing, doing, hearing, feeling, and/or smelling during my expedition.

Use some of these sites to find our more information.
Google Earth (a great way to zoom in closer!)
Google Maps

Weather info at:


Get ready for some exciting times as I travel to Churchill, Canada to study Climate Change!

Northern Lights performing their show above an Inukshuk in the town of Churchill, Manitoba in Canada. Three rows of lights seem to be dancing and swaying across the sky amongst the stars with a colorful display that shoots out behind an Inukshuk in the town of Churchill, Manitoba in Canada